Owner-Operator Extranet

The extranet is designed exclusively for FedEx Custom Critical owner operators. To do business online, enter your extranet password. If you do not know your password, you can get it by calling the VRU. In the VRU main menu, go to option 9, "More options." Then choose option 8, "To generate a new contractor extranet password."

Please keep this password confidential to preserve the security of your account. If you are accessing the extranet from a public computer, exit the browser entirely when you are finished to maintain security.

Extranet Features
You can order supplies and clothing online, check out the latest negotiated discounts, get details on daily operations, review safety information and much more.

For More Information
Current FedEx Custom Critical owner operators, call 1.800.528.7062 with questions.

If you're not currently leased with FedEx Custom Critical but would like more information about opportunities to contract with us, call 1.866.711.3599.